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Artist Talk with Robert Andy Coombs

Monday, October 11, 2021, at 5 pm Zurich time/ 11 am EST time.


Robert Andy Coombs explores the intersections of disability and sexuality through the photographic lens. In this artist talk, we will discuss the artist’s current exhibition Robert Andy Coombs: Notions of Care at the Frost Art Museum and engage with topics such as caregiving, sexual desire, and the notion of crip time.

Robert Andy Coombs, Untitled, 2021.

[Image description: A polaroid photograph of two men lying on a bed and laughing. One of them, a white naked man, is the artist Robert Andy Coombs. His head is resting on the lap of his friend Marshall, a Black man wearing a shirt with flowers and white trousers. Behind them, a sip-and-puff-device and cables are attached to the headrest. The frame of the polaroid is colored in grades of green to orange.]

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