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—new date to be announced soon—

8 March – 30 June 2024

Kunsthaus Zurich

Moser Building

Grosser Vortragssaal


8001 Zurich

Still from Carolyn Lazard, Crip Time, 2018, 10 minutes, color, sound.

“Crip time is flex time not just expanded but exploded; it demands a reimagining of our perceptions of what can and should occur within a given time frame. It also underscores that our expectations of ‘how long things take’ are predicated on very specific minds and bodies. Rather than coercing disabled bodies and minds to conform to the dictates of the clock, crip time bends the clock to accommodate disabled bodies and minds.”

—Alison Kafer, Feminist, Queer, Crip (Indiana University Press, 2013)

In this panel discussion, conceived as a response to the topic of the current exhibition Time at Kunsthaus Zurich, Kamran Behrouz (artist and researcher), Chris Heer (jurist and inclusion expert, City of Zurich) and Charlotte Matter (“Rethinking Art History through Disability” research group, UZH) will exchange and reflect on different notions of temporalities informed by disability, chronic illness, notions of care and accessibility. The discussion will be moderated by Cathérine Hug (Kunsthaus curator of the exhibitions Take Care in 2022 and Time in 2023).

Initially planned for October 18, the panel has been postponed due to illness. A new date will soon be announced. Please reach out via email to register and get free access.

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