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Video Contribution "Rethinking Art History through Disability," Forum Kunstgeschichte inklusiv

In order to illustrate the range and potential of an inclusive art history, the forum Kuntgeschichte inklusiv asked their colleagues to present projects and initiatives from the fields of feminism, postcolonialism, queer studies and disability studies. All the contributions by Lee Chichester and Brigitte Sölch, Christopher Nixon, the collective CARAH (Collective for Anti-Racist Art History), Heiner Schulze, the working group "Rethinking Art History through Disability" and Christian Liclair can be found on this Youtube channel. It becomes clear that the fields of marginalization all result from hierarchization. Whether we are dealing with gender, race, class, age or sexual orientation: it is never just one category! This intersectional perspective gives rise to discourses that expand content and methods, question structures and demand practical implementation. We would like to give further impetus in this direction!


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